Friday, May 15, 2009

Sky prematures to midnight tinged charcoal,
Leaves continue to burn green.
Fear and promise overlook the lush valley,
The steep slope only a misstep away.
Hands, hearts grip tightly to faith,
Minds analyze, reassure delicate souls
that grow stronger each answer,
each listen,
each know,
each understand.
Comfort erases doubts,
emboldens yearnings,
strengthens resolves.
Unstable balance of love broken,
love decades sustained,
love slipping, missing, returning, revealing.
Love raining down
liquid ardor
arduous humid exchanges of tongues, lips, skins,
Condensing on lenses,
Soaking cotton,
Love captured in stolen moments,
Preserved in guarded chambers,
Ours lives and breathes,
has a life of its own,
binds us,
brings us together
quenching, healing,
as rain to the forest.


  1. from "midnight tinged charcoal" to "as rain to the forest" deelishuuuuuuuuuus

  2. Im now following someone...............on a leash

  3. Wayne, you are awesome! I get the pun, too, lol. Thanks for visiting. I need a friend. =)