Saturday, May 16, 2009

For your kiss, my secrets I tell,
My body respondes to your sinful spell.
Part my lips with your gentle swell,
I become your wicked Jezebel.

Splintered shards, my inhibitions fall,
Your determined hands break down each wall,
Purposeful deconstruction, intent to enthrall.
You want it all, please take it all.

Too long since you last plunged my well,
Haunted by memories of my smell.
With or without me, which is hell?
But for this moment, your soul you sell.

Every day you hoped I would call.
I call, but you cruelly tease and stall.
At first I stand, but then I crawl,
Weakened by our temptuous brawl.

We both have fears, those we quell,
And relent to the lusts that compel,
Captured, entangled in each others' spell
For this moment--

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