Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take my hand.

Let me lure you down

the path of sin

where you have been--


--try to avoid thinking,

pondering, wishing, yearning for dusk

to throw stone

colored shadows

over your

footprints, your

tire tracks, your


Come to me here

in my cave forbidden

full of wonder hidden

beneath thick, lush

vines that have not been parted

since God knows when.

Taste the sweet water

from the sacred fount that flows within.

Feel the walls smooth as silk

under the fingertips.

Breathe the perfume

of strawberry blossoms,

of the red-pink fruit flesh,

ripe to touch

to taste

to savor.

Take your time.

Relish the virtuous fruits

of temptation

for I may never

offer them again.


  1. wow...

    great euphemism for one sensitive topic...


  2. Thanks, b.a. (those are my initials, too, but don't tell anyone). I did visit your site earlier but forgot to leave a comment. When you write, I can feel the words.

  3. Oh, I get the 'euphemism now, lol. thx! maybe i should fix the metafour? ;-)