Friday, May 15, 2009

love-starved, not sex-starved,
but i will give you what you asked for
a hot, wet, submissive alpha wolf
biting your shoulder right at the muscle
where the deltoid meets the collarbone
and then lick your bone, hard as oak
and bending to meet my whims demanding
an ounce of pleasure for each minute spent
searching for my freedom's jailer,
an ounce for each minute drowning
in the trappings of trust,
in the snares of lust.
i will give you what you begged for
a teacher, a guide, a goddess
to show you how,
to be your master,
to make you crawl at my feet
and cling to my waist.
you have enough stamina;
i can bring you to four,
but can you spend more?
i will give you what i want
because i want to,
not because someone told me
that i want to,
not because you look like a present
wrapped in shiny paper with a giant bow
pleading me to open you.
i want you.
i will have you on our terms.
not theirs.
see me like a man on a mission.
show me your game face,
the face of a conqueror,
or at least a soldier unafraid of the fight.
do not come to me like a scared boy -
i want, i need a man
to bring out the woman in me.

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