Saturday, May 2, 2009


I love a broken man
If you know him, you can
Blame me not.
He stole my heart.

Earthquake attitude
Searches for stable platitude;
Impatient patience with me.
Knows I'm scared, confused. So is he.

I love that you cannot lie well.
I hate trouble. I have trouble to tell.
I have trouble telling.
Too much time spelling.
Too much for you,
Like my too many clues.
No wonder we stay confused.

You do not know everything,
Not all canaries sing.
But while other canaries died
Deep in noxious fumes in mines,
I found a hole in the cage,
Flew fueled by fear and rage.
Flying still.
May be killed.
Shot right out of the air
Diving too low over hunters' lair.

One man may love enough
To decide maybe he can be tough.
I may love enough to bend,
To return to living, begin to mend.
But he will if only I leave him be.
But I will if only he honors me


We are lonely.

He is not that lonely.

I am not that lonely,
like cummings I only
want one at a time.
Nothing wrong. My state of mind
Is not yours,
Different. Cannot force.


Big talking walls
Protect me in falls.
I want no part
if I cannot have your heart.
I love you. I see through your lies,
And you know it 'cause Thursday you glimpsed my eyes.

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