Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is cannot be not

anymore than thoughts can be unthought

or hard lessons be untaught

than evening shadows uncast, startling discoveries unfound

truths unveiled remasked, pivotal moments rewound

sacred oaths unsworn, first kisses unsavored

children unborn, selfless acts unlabored,

blessed infants unchristened, false fortunes untold

new moons unrisen, desperate souls unsold

bewitching charms unconjured, pendulums unswayed

blazing touches unfelt, broken hearts unbetrayed

stories unimagined, Shakespeare's sonnets unsung

ideas unfashioned, Hemingway's tolls unrung

timid glances unstolen, ardent lusts unsimmered

familiar bodies unbeholden, shameful secrets unwhispered

brisk mornings unbroken, past days rehoured

regretful words unspoken, virtuous maidens reflowered

doors reopened, fruits untasted

lives relived, lives unwasted

rains undropped

ends of lives unstopped...

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