Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like Frida

differing styles of masters
should not make quarreling bastards;
so ass is chapped, face slapped,
and you think you know 'gab;'
reasons hued, misconstrued,
stories told, heads rolled.
worth keeping?
who's weeping?
siamese twins.

unfair advantages
led to sabotages,
may wade putrid carrion
seeking redemption.
seek gawain?
drink wine?
dying frenzied friends.

need night train
fast-witted hands
undelivered plans.
crucify me,
fucking kill me.
not like this.

kill me downtown
no one around
no witness

fucking tear me.
tearing me
inside out
from the core
ripping through my womb,
like Frida,
I began to die

Like Frida,
the man shined

Like Frida,
I wanted

to live

to be an artist


He taught her.

Teach me.

Do not teach me.

Cast me.

Let me cast you

in rhythmic sangre.

'nel agua de ritmo.


Did she die of the metal?

or of the cancer?

Slay me quickly.


  1. this is very intense!
    well expressed, you are shining here.

  2. Thank you for your comments.