Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Goodbye Song" by Lluvia

Goodbye song
I hate to leave you

But we will never be apart

Nothing's wrong
I can't deceive you

But we can't go back to start

Did you ever know
how much I need you?

Did you ever know
how much I cared?

When you needed someone,
I tried to reach you,

I saw your broken heart,
__________I dared...

Miss you, love,
wish you were here

I can't believe we're through

Deep in my soul
I hold your fears

I never meant to hurt you

Did you ever know
how much I cried?

Did you ever know
that I was scared?

Did you ever know
inside I died?

When I thought
____you didn't care?

Take the love cause I can't take it back.
Use it, try to fill what you lack.
If you ever need me, I'll listen.
You're always a friend I'm missin.'

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