Friday, May 15, 2009

You say it's not about 'that,'
but it seems 'that' is all you can think about;
I'm the one who makes you think about 'that.'

'that,' like anything else all the time,
(except for blogging)
is boring.

talk to me about people like
the man in the park,
about why he could not find within himself
what I found in me.
that is why he is still out there, you know.
i wonder if he is okay,
but i am not talking to him anymore.
he put his hand on my neck,
and i did not want to break his
uninsured ribs that were wide open
and his pale throat that i did
think twice about driving the outer
edge of my hand into like i did the
pine blocks.
i walked away instead.
wish he would not have done that.

i want to understand Einstein's theory
of relativity.
my mind is bending, pulling...
toward the light...

or is the light bending...

show me how to make a balloon animal.
better yet, teach me how to make
a tequila sunrise,
and then show me how to make that balloon dog, lol!
i might not remember how to make it, but i will remember laughing like hell with you.

when you hold me, there is nothing better,
but life is more than being held.
life is living.

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