Tuesday, May 19, 2009


god i know that you want me
and cant think of anything
except wrapping my self around
your passion
your rod of passion
stokes my inferno
and i fall
you fall
in my burning lair
somehow im there
in it with you
and we are demons
with long tongues
and fingers that
wrap around and
in every opening that
is not there

my body screams your name
in bestial lust
hellish fury
begs you to throw your fire
over me
ram your torch
in me
solder your mark on my walls
in my soul
with your satanic brand
over and
over and
until your name is all
anyone sees
until i have to be
sought with a lens
until i am
until i cry
that i cant take anymore
(but i can)
until i die
(but i wont)
until i faint
(i might--
-- i want to)


empty mouth
chokes on your


I hated that I love you
Each eye sliced off a piece of itself
for you
Internal hurricane
Black and white burst into prism
thrust hard
seared into my walls
whispered, orgasmed out my mouth
head flew back in slow motion
sun-blinded eyes could not stop
undulating for
Touching wisps of hair twisted and pulled
Our bodies tangled, wrestled
Gripped, morphed
I want your sacrament in me
I want your darkness in me
My silent tongue
touches your name a hundred times
begging for mercy
But in truth I do not want mercy


Cannot reason, think of anything in my stupor
Do not want out, only probed dragged pulled
over your post
Joyfully savagely over your solid whipping post
Up and down
I will rake you over my coals
Slamming like an angry screen door
because I am so mad at you
that I want you to feel my hurt, my anger
Let it burn
Because I want you to know
How much I want you to know
how much I want you


I want you to wish you had never met me
because you know there will never be anyone else
It will never feel like this, this damn good, ever again
No matter what, you will always know it is this good
Not because of what is out but what is in
I want you in
You want me in
I am ashamed to tell you I love you
But it fights like a possessed nymph to show itself
and consume you


Worship through the glass
Nothing nothing nothing
not even rejection
self-piteous smoke dissipated
black white cremated
blinding prism illuminated my walls
slow stunning charge melted my being
dying breath softly escaped
limp trembling wet molten glass


Abandoned in broad daylight
Wrong again
Dead wrong
I died again
Today I mourned my own death
without knowing why
I couldn't let you go
Should I?


Making love to my neural receptors
through the fastest conductors
Each line a stroke
Each angle a hold
Arches grip muscle and bone
Twists my hair
Turns my head back again
Fervent recollection
Sticks in my throat
I saw you in me and I let go


Orgasm ended
Chemically induced tears flowed
I don't know, don't know
if I'm doing it right
Turn on a light
Lest I lose you forever in the dark
I want to please you
Know what races your heart
What stings you, sucks your air
currents you to involuntary
heaves and jolts
What makes you groan and quiver
What makes you shiver
and sob like a child
to be held
to be melded
I would die to learn by doing
and watching the curves and lines on your face
and feeling your tensions and relaxations
and memorizing your soft moans
and your frenzied broken phrases


I wanted to fucking curse out loud
when I saw you fucking me and me
lowering my circle of lust around your iron


I want to buy a ticket,
go all night,
to the world's greatest
bullriding contest.
Let's play rodeo!


How can you tease me like that?
Is it the build up? the suspense?
The look in your eyes
will sledge cracks in the dam.
One touch will create a deluge.
When you kiss me,
I will die
of an overdose
spontaneous combustion.


I want to pry
my way into parts of you
that none have entered,
fill you up so
that you will die without me

*Previously published. I like it tonight. ;-)

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