Sunday, May 3, 2009

To All My Family

This group of poems is dedicated to all of my family. I cannot leave you after all. I would miss you too much. Thank you for being you!


Worse than the storm just passed?
Worse than being stripped in the public square?
Worse than being branded by glowing hot metal searing my breast?

Being paraded...



To open my heart only to have love unrequited.


I can weather a storm,
Absorb the pain,
The cycles will run,
That is why I am called Rain.


A life left to love or to lose,
the screaming is over.
My screaming is over.
Never at you.
Just at.


I am still beautiful.
You will see how beautiful tomorrow.
Someone honorably shared my dishonor.
Thank you.
I owe you my life and want to give more.
Can you ever see me as before?


Joy returns.
That is the gift you have given me
whether you say that you want my love
or not.
I gave in the battle but won the war.
My heart would have your heart to soar.
With mine.

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