Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 15

Sisters, I think I word-for-word stole a phrase or a sentence from Joel Stein or someone else who writes for Time magazine. Or I had another weird dream. For some reason, what I wrote about Obama being 'calm, cool, and collected while the rest of us would be twitching' sounds too familiar. This has been on my mind all night, so I have to try to find the article in question (I'm pretty sure it exists). And I am going to make the proper citations and notations in my post.

**Okay, I could not find the article, but I will continue to look. What may have happened - and I realized this as I began an internet search - is that many people have referred to Obama as 'calm, cool, and collected.' I decided to republish the post with the intent of citing if I find that I have indeed plagiarized.

Since I am here, I want to say 'kudos' to Pepsi for apologizing. Someone forgot to think whether he would like guys sharing info on how to score with his daughter (or mother, sister, aunt, etc.). What a concept! Men sharing information so that certain ones could hook up with particular women.

I know this happens all the time. I do not think it is right. Women should have just as much information as the men. They should realize that men actually set up 'games' where they do things like this. All the time. (Big, giant hint!)

Yes, of course, it is easier to pick up (and manipulate) women when men have access to a lot of information about their likes/dislikes, hobbies/activities to avoid, emotional needs/what makes them tick. They learn to say the right things. AND men can fake the right personality long enough to score.

So thanks a million, Pepsi, for bringing this topic to the forefront of news space and for enlightening us all.

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