Saturday, October 17, 2009

OMG, Robin Williams was more than worth the money and the wait. My abs got a nice workout, 90 minutes of nonstop laughter. (I should attend a comedy show every night. Nothing else is working for my abs!) But the show was awesome, and I doubt I was the only person who noted that Mr. Williams worked his butt off to keep giving 100% plus toward the end. Thanks, dude!

Laughter is a cool gift to give to others. I am not very funny on purpose. Most of the time when I am funny, it is completely accidental. At my old job, my trainees used to laugh at me every day for the mistakes I made, and that was fine. My dad nicknamed me "Grace," a name that still signifies my lack thereof.

I have worked with a few people with the gift of being humorous, and I have always thought "I'm glad they're here." When they're not around, everyone notices. They are missed. And the rest of us usually end up talking about them and laughing about "what she would have said!" So to all the funny people I've worked with, thanks.

One of my brothers is so funny it hurts. I used to beg him to 'talk to me' - I meant 'entertain me' -- while I washed the dishes. It never occurred to me until now that he enjoyed having a willing audience. On a good run, I've just about peed my pants listening to him. I couldn't stand that he could get out of so much trouble by making our parents laugh. If I could have done the same, lol.

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