Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Paper doll

Dress her up


She's still a slut

Paper thin

Slips from your thumb

She leaves her mark

Paper cut

Makes you bleed

Makes you hurt

Makes you want

Her sexy butt

You want a game

Without the work

You shove your hands

Inside her skirt

Like that, she's gone

You stupid jerk

You assumed she was

A desperate slut


Red and yellow paper cut

Opens the skin

You slide in

Sits an unfamiliar slut

Lips and nips you want to suck

Vacillate orbs to hide in

Explore within

Hidden gilded locked up trunk

The key was there you saw it glimmer

Fainted stardust

Painted starlust

Silver tongues cast shadows dimmer

You were so close and so blind

You could not touch

Gave not enough

The key remains another's to find

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