Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stuff That Would Bore My Sisters, 13

Sorry, Sisters, but I have to offer my opinion on something. Feel free to let me know what you think. I promise I don't mind if you disagree.

Women who want to blame a married (or engaged or otherwise taken) man for animosity among women in the workplace should stop and think: "Could I really look his wife in the eyes and tell her how it was all his fault that I slept with her husband?"

It takes a lot of balls to stand up in front of everyone and say "I did something wrong."

And it feels better than letting others control you with the wrong thing that you did.

I try not to play the victim. If I think a situation is unfair, I try to do something about it. Take appropriate action. Make plans.

Don't be afraid of what people might think if they find out you aren't perfect, that you made a mistake. Learn from it.

As for justice, it isn't always served. But addressing a situation may prevent it from happening again to someone else. I suppose there is some form of justice in that.

Women should stick together more often. The same things they say about each other "She has slept with everyone!" could be said of him instead -- "You don't want him, girfriend! He has slept with everyone!"

Too many men realize that women are insecure and jealous and, therefore, easily pitted against one another. And some women are simply so insecure that they cannot be stopped from going after other women who they believe threaten their status. This is crap. Let's take some lessons from the guys. They stick together often enough. Just a thought...

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