Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yet I look at you
or anyone else in life
as I did before,
Ere I encountered
unfettered, scathing hatred,
unscrupulous wraiths,
envious banshees,
power-hungry, sewered souls,
Their insecure claws
gripped in a deathlock,
clinging to the appearance
of status and wealth.
Only nature’s things,
Not of men, remain unchanged
in their existence.
They still call to me,
comfort, reassure no man
will reign forever.
The precious gift trust,
once your possession entire,
now yours in pieces,
so hard to let go,
handed to you one by one,
pebbles from my wall.
My heart weeps softly,
as if each small stone a child
from within my soul;
As though I set free
a songbird to venture forth,
unclipped, immobile.
Silent wails are trapped,
echo endlessy inside
well-fortressed gardens,
Shaded banquet halls,
blanketed ‘neath verdant veils
of thick ivy lace,
where rays penetrate
few holes in the canopy
at my discretion,
at my own desire,
my will, my legislation.
country hidden,
invisible borderlines
To your probing eyes;
Your platinum tongue
Fails to coax open a door
To sacred heartland.
Safe from ravenous,
cannibalistic vultures,
from skeleton crows.
Free from auction blocks,
the Wall Street of peddled lust
for blind, numbed bodies.
Painted, masked faces
hide a young girl’s dream of love,
a fantasy man,
the one true lover.
Masks hide broken memories,
forsaken visions.
My sacred temple,
invaded, desecrated,
now hidden from all,
a new Atlantis.
You may search as knight for grail
if you feel worthy.
Then perform your deeds.
Mere intentions need not attempt
Uncover my myth.

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