Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will she ,won't she
tell us what she knows?
I do not care
what gossip blows.
Just give her a reason
not to hide,
not to hide her trust.
Never wanted to share,
so why are you scared?
I think she thinks
of other stuff,
lots of other stuff
that would get on your nerves.
Is she listening, eavesdropping?
She said she would follow them,
but was that just her defense?
I bet she knew it would make
no difference after all.
After all,
no one likes to hear the howls,
the pounding feet of chase,
though some mad souls pursue
an endless race.
Would she be on our side?
I know for a fact
she is loyal to strengthening values,
to values that cannot be bought
with money
but with the heart,
the soul.
She is loyal to freedom of the mind,
to err, to learn,
to face the truth of imperfection,
of regret, of rising above.
She is loyal to understanding,
to forgiving even when it hurts like hell
to let go of the pain.
Does she think she is better than we are?
What do you think?
Her mistakes made waves,
exposed weaknesses in herself,
not just in others,
showed her ignorance.
She lacks what others have,
communication skills.
I think she is simply there, now,
not helping others so much,
not trusting others so much,
not fighting so much the things
she could not see.
The things she could not see,
like the whale.
No, perhaps she was fighting
the man in the boat.

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