Wednesday, September 30, 2009

no hands for you.


ripped apart.

what was is no more.

my coin for you.



suspended in time and space...


  1. Hi Lluvia!

    Thanks so much for visiting Casa Hice and leaving your footprints on my welcome mat. Sorry you caught me on pissy day tho. I'm not usually that way, but, you know. People!

    I really appreciate your comment. It's always such a nice pleasure to meet a new blog friend. Please feel free to come back and visit again soon. The door is always open.

    So who's been messing with your heart and making you write sad poetry? We need to Guido him ASAP.

  2. Hi Alix, No one is messing, just making a decision. Using past experience to set the tone, I suppose. Thanks for commenting. I will visit your site again.