Thursday, September 24, 2009

She apologized to everyone else for her outburst, for she had learned that this was not how to handle things. Even situations like this one. She would have gone to the cops, but she did not know where they were. The first time she called, they had only tried to cover up stuff, even hers. There had to be others who would do the right thing.

She had solid evidence, and she was sure no one would doubt that she would lose her temper like that over speculation. She had uncovered things much stranger and less likely than an old flame whose obsession extended to her daughter.

She was sorry, and she expected no sympathy. She did expect other more important laws to be enforced. One thing that had not been explained to her was why the petty laws she had broken seemed more offensive than the serious law. She was ready to follow the rules, but only if the lawkeepers would show everyone that they were for real.

She was never against rules, and she was finally beginning to understand some of the basics. In her statement, she never tried to deny her own shortcomings. She knew mothers would understand. She hoped the fathers would understand what it was like to find out that someone had been net-stalking their baby.

She promised to listen to the authorities who she was sure had to be somewhere. The authorities who were just as concerned with the spirit as the letter of the law, who were concerned with felonies and not only misdemeanors. Her husband knew that she had not been misled by recent misstatements and that she had decided to abstain from further wars of words with her former employers. She did not want any more trouble with the law. She really needed their help. If they would.

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