Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twenty seconds to reflect.
The past looks nothing like I thought it would
The present not like I dreamed,
But near my assumption.
The dreams I used to dream
Not the plans that I make.
Mostly not.
A few cling desperately to my hopeful inner child,
An all but faded caricature on a coloring book page.
“Do not leave us!” they cry.
“We will die if you let us go!”
Tears flow in rainbow rivets
Leaving pigmented footprints just beneath the ripples.
Life springs eternal, but dreams live or die
In a constant battle of circumstance and will.
Twenty seconds to confirm or reject
The notion that life is what we make of it.
Is life what we make of it,
Or does life make us?
The ones who like Lewis rose to the top,
Then saw the other impossible mountains to cross,
Sat down and cried.
Did his heart or his team force him forward?
Or was it the mountain already behind him?
Was it will,
Or was it circumstance?
Many mountains he crossed with his brothers…
Alone at the end.
Twenty seconds to rejoice
The small things,
The taken for granted things,
The big things that come ever so often,
The surprises…
The shared…
The solitude...
The living of life.
Twenty seconds is twenty more than we had before,
Cannot be relived, respent, reserved for the future.
Twenty seconds…

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