Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nighttime comes too slowly,

but your memory

races across my body,

raises me up

to your--

to where you were,

where I want you to be.

You were there,

in my dreams.

In my arms,

in my mouth, in me,

in my legs,


Every night we rocked together

under shadows,

smoldering flames glowed in your eyes,

saw through my darkness,

punished my naivete,

plundered my ignorance,

and filled me with yourself.

You've already been here.

Already been here.

Do you want to know what you made?

Stay away if you will,

and let someone else caress your sculpture,

gaze at your painting,

leave grafitti on your


Deny me,

my love, and deny me my love.

I will wait for you.

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