Sunday, February 21, 2010

I found the myth that was not meant to be,

the sophisticated, simple you,

and the unpolished, complex me;

and everyone laughed because

they could not see that you were as lonely

as I was.

Me, with my living ghost,

my shell of a man who forgot how to feel...

if he ever did know.

You with your void.

Absolutely absurd, yes.

But something neither of us expected,


I was never fooled.

I knew you wanted me as I wanted you.

But you fooled yourself.

It was enough for you to look my way,

to look at me as a decent, intelligent woman,

and not as a slut to be put in her place.

You smiled,

and I knew you meant it,

and I wanted to thank you,

to thank you.

Thank you.

The way you looked at me

was more than any words you could ever say.

I will always love you for that.

I have loved before,

and I am certain to love again,

but I will give you a chance if you want

to let people laugh to hide their jealousy.

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