Monday, December 14, 2009

Level the valley
In the open, in full view,
Serenely patient.
Underneath the mist
Sway dandelion pillows,
Stay springy moss beds;
Cupped petal hammocks
Caress delicate dewdrops
Until sun’s heat reigns.
The valley exposed,
A million faithful blades guard
Her buried secrets.
And then—she trembles.
Violent tremors shudder
Beneath splitting skin.
Heaved upwards a force
Through torn, effaced dirt and rock—
The mountain is born,
Mightily ascends
To thirstily drink the light,
To bathe in the clouds.
No longer unseen,
No longer invisible,
She rests in his shade.
He plunges her depths,
Descending to hidden dreams,
Leans on her soft strength.
She clings to his side,
Finds joy in his protection.
The two become one.
Valley and mountain
Belong one to each other;
They are each other.
Should the mountain fall,
The valley will yet remain
With him inside her.

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